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this is my first blog.oh 50 symbols needed?  here we go.. just boring.. and a little exciting to be here.. add me if you like.. really need meet some true and warm-hearted friends.
gottalove66 · 1062 days ago

Three years ago I was diagnosed with having genital herpes.  I trusted someone I cared about and it just all blew up in my face to the point that I now have this thing that will follow me for the rest of my life since there still is no cure available.
OptimisticSeahorse7 · 1525 days ago

So not too many bloggers huh? That's ok. So if you read my blog, post a comment about why you dont blog. Sometimes I'm in the mood to blog and sometimes, eh.Ok well, like my profile says, I am seperated, getting divorced. I am finally feeling good about th
FlojaMo · 2029 days ago
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