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Advice for anyone new to herpes: 1) You will be okay. You’re not going to believe me, but you will be okay. Months from now you will hardly be able to imagine how you feel right now, and that’s a good thing :) 2) Take control of your health. You are the c

1. Do not settle or become desperate. Do not get into a relationship with someone that you would not normally be interested in if you did not have HSV. If they find a cure for HSV, you really don’t want to be in a relationship with someone that isn’t your

I found this site a few weeks ago while I was trying to research info for someone I had just disclosed to. Unfortunately that didn't work out but this site gave me the strength to do what I couldn't do before. Quick recap though, I was diagnosed with HSV2(

I typically love black men, I was in a 5 year relationship with someone who I thought loved me in January I found out I was herpes 2 and 1 I'm new to the dating thing at the time I had a gf and my boyfriend of 5 years he gave it to me I had to tell her mos

first blog. need 50 characters fml lol. well im easy goin and im on here to see what i can find in my situation. hopefully i can find someone in my city who can help me work with this condition. 

I think im Gay because all I think about is being with Another woman but I've only dated men my whole life. Is this common? How do I just get out there and try to date a woman?! 

This is my story. Fell in love with my ex fiancee on our 1st date. We dated for awhile before she told me that she had herpes. Needless to say I was devastated. How do you say that you care for someone and yet knowingly expose them? Long story short, I stu

I would hate to get on here and play the worlds smallest violin.. why should i nothing has really changed thinking back Drs say im one of the lucky ones because i dont have any symptoms im just a carrier.. yea lucky me im like a pariah i dont have any symp

I trusted someone that I loved.  We were getting ready to have a second child when I got a call from the docs office. I was 22, pregnant and scared out on my mind. In 1997 I was diagnosed with HIV. Here it is 2015, I'm reaching out more and more because th

I am really wanting to friend someone who understands.
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