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Siamo abituati a vederli in tute arancione carcere è il nuovo nero , ma Taylor Schilling e Laura Prepon certamente macchia bene . Le attrici erano una vista mozzafiato al party di lancio Netflix a Berlino , Germania il Martedì . Entrambe le belle donne s

this is my first blog.oh 50 symbols needed?  here we go.. just boring.. and a little exciting to be here.. add me if you like.. really need meet some true and warm-hearted friends.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with having genital herpes.  I trusted someone I cared about and it just all blew up in my face to the point that I now have this thing that will follow me for the rest of my life since there still is no cure available.

So not too many bloggers huh? That's ok. So if you read my blog, post a comment about why you dont blog. Sometimes I'm in the mood to blog and sometimes, eh.Ok well, like my profile says, I am seperated, getting divorced. I am finally feeling good about th
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