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You buy a new TV to play the sound quality unsightly? Do not feel depressed, this is not your lack of shopping knowledge, but now in the slim body of flat-panel TV, TV manufacturers in this regard can not do anything. (Ok, tell you a truth, even if there i

I'm a writer.  I've written movie reviews, some bad verse, plenty of short stories (fifty or so published by small-press magazines and anthologies), plenty of Facebook rants and essays.  But I've never once written about what it's like to have genital wart

Pictures of me are on my profile so check me out I'm from New Orleans so once I figure out how to navigate the site it's going down I'm single no games just a cool guy trying to find someone good

Can't seem to upload a pic #bored. 

Every time I try to  upload a photo it says it failed.

iam a black male here in los angeles california i need a black female

How am I going to look at your profile if u don't have a picture. Give me a reason to look

Hello ladies. Hpv can be a pain but also managed. Looking for someone to chat with,  say hi! Maybe we can talk experiences. Live, Laugh , talk about the future. Pretty much any thing.

Do things that keep your body healthy, happy, and strong. Drink water, take your lysine and antivirals, work out, eat foods low in arginine and high in lysine, reduce stress via crafts, art, sports, yoga, or whatever floats your boat. *Accept your HSV and

Three years....I have been diagnosed for the last three years with genital herpes smh....alot has happened in the last three years...moved around...hes beautiful baby girl was born....both good and bad has happened.
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Trying to move on.
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Who wins--the warts, or me?
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Find best soundbars and portable speakers can find us with google search chialstar
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first blog. need 50 characters fml lol. well im easy goin and im on here to see what i can find in my situation. hopefully i can find someone in my city who can help me work with this condition.
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Hi all! I am seperated, definitely getting divorced. Been over for awhile! I want to be happy again. So make me laugh! Just say hi to me!
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More than My Diagnosis
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my blog.. haha
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